Successful TIRE Expo for 4JET

German laser system integrator 4JET Technologies GmbH reports a highly successful TIRE Expo 2016 in Hannover. A record number of visitors attended live demonstrations of the T-Mark Gen 3 tire marking system that allows to individualize tire sidewalls with serial and date codes, logos and QR codes.

4JET opens Tire Equipment Demo Center

German laser system integrator 4JET Technologies GmbH has opened a demo and application center for its range of tire manufacturing solutions. After adding a second production facility in Alsdorf in the middle of this year 4JET has now increased its laboratory facilities and permanently installed a tire mold cleaning system, as well as automated and […]

4JET expands Sales Network

4JET has further expanded its sales network for the growing product portfolio in the Solar/New Technologies and Tire/Automotive segments. Effective January 1, 2010 Dipl.-Ing. Florian Schreiber is responsible key account manager for global sales in the tire industry.