General Industries

Surface technology continues to evolve in breathtaking speed. No matter in which industry, surfaces have to fulfill ever growing demands to their durability, performance, aesthetics, bonding or adhesion properties and ease of application.

Surface cleaning is required in every industrial manufacturing facility - every day. Whether it is mold or tool cleaning, degreasing, rust removal or surface preparation before glueing, welding or other bonding steps: laser cleaning is increasingly replacing the use of hazardous chemicals or messy and noisy blast cleaning equipment. 

Lasers work touchless, repeatable, dry and with almost no consumables – making them the most economical choice in many surface cleaning operations. 4JET has pioneered laser surface technology and is offering the most comprehensive range of laser cleaning solutions – including laser cleaning jobshop services, handheld JETLASER cleaning systems, OEM laser cleaning engines for robot integration to fully automated SCANYWHERE laser surface preparation cells.

No matter what the cleaning need may be - from a quick touch-up cleaning to repetitive processing of millions of parts – 4JET offers the matching solution based on our broad portfolio of laser solutions, deep technological expertise and a database of two decades worth of test results.

Laser Cleaning & Surface Preparation

New mixed material bonds require perfect surfaces before glueing or welding. See how lasers can clean, activate or structure surfaces to create the perfect match by removing paint, coatings or lubricants and by controlled surface roughening.

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Laser Paint Stripping & Laser Coating Removal

Paint systems designed for the most demanding climates and operating conditions are not meant to be removed easily, but in the assembly and bonding processes selective paint removal is required. Read more on how lasers eliminate the messy and expensive masking before dip or spray coating.

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Laser Mold Cleaning

No matter what you mold - rubber, plastics, composites or cookie dough: only perfectly clean molds deliver perfect products. Lasers clean molds fast, precise and often in-situ, saving expensive tool uptime and manual labor.

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