Technical Glass

The term “Technical Glass” is used differently in the glass industry. In our definition technical glass refers to its application in technical areas as a material. Traditionally, technical glasses are used in flat panel displays and light sources with various requirements on their physical and chemical properties.

4JET's solution in the production of technical glass applications

The superior electrical characteristics of the material glass have opened up new application areas in optoelectronics, printed circuit boards, semiconductor packaging as interposers or in the hermetic encapsulation of electronic components.

Common to most of these applications areas is the need for precision processing and avoiding damaging the glass material, in other word to reduce the thermal influence of the processing tool as much as possible. Compared to standard mechanical methods, the laser delivers exceptional precision in a contact-less way, avoiding any force on the material, whether it is in cutting or drilling. The thermal influence can be minimized by using ultrashort pulses. Furthermore, laser patterning enables innovative functions in glass coatings for new products.

Laser Filament Cutting

Filament technology provides exact product dimensions at cutting speeds of 1 m/s and higher.

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Laser Patterning

Fine-line patterning introduces fine tracks into thin-film coatings down to 10 microns width to create functional areas on technical glass products. Laser Patterning – an enabling technology!

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