Made for Coated Windshield Patterning in OEM Production Lines

To achieve high quality coated windshields, it is preferred to introduce the patterning for creating RF-transmission filters and decoated areas for a clear camera view after the furnace respectively bending. For this specific application, 4JET provides a solution which is unique on the market. Made for 24/7 operation in OEM windshield production lines, 4JET’s TOPAZ 3D can introduce fine-line patterns and an area removal at the same time across the curved windshield in a glass-to-glass cycle time below 30 s.

How to achieve OEM cycle times

Within the TOPAZ 3D, no axes are moved to reach the different positions on the windscreen, which would sacrifice cycle time for each movement (step and repeat mode). Instead, the position of the laser processing head is fixed and the scanner addresses a large scanning field of about 1.2 x 1.2 m². This not only 2D, the laser focus is also moved dynamically in the 3rd dimension. Thus, the TOPAZ 3D can structure almost any shape from flat to strongly curved windscreens.

On the one hand, a very high laser focus speed is achieved with this remote scanning approach which effectively reduces the laser time, on the other hand, the non-productive times must be optimized for OEM cycle times. This is achieved by reducing the movement of the windshield to the processing position and back to a simple rotation.

Invisible to the eye

A special optical beam path design together with precise laser pulses accomplish very fine patterning lines. The line width can be adjusted in a wide range.

The glass-side ablation process in the TOPAZ 3D achieves best patterning results for a product quality, as needed for premium-grade windshields such as heated/coated models combined with head-up-displays.

Precision, even with complex 3D shapes

A camera-based fiducial referencing system makes sure that the features are placed onto the windshield with a high accuracy and repeatability, regardless of how good or bad the substrate has been placed onto the conveyor before entering the machine.

All these features make the TOPAZ 3D the ideal candidate for high volume OEM production lines, i.e. > 500.000 windshields per year.


Thin-filmstransparent conductive oxides (ITO, ZnO, SnO2, FTO), Silver coating systems),  PV-absorber, etc.
Laser wavelengthsVIS
Patterning resolutionadjustable in a certain range
Number of processing heads1 or 2
Substrate dimensions1.850 x 1.250 mm²
glass thickness1,2 – 5 mm 
Working area (x, y)1.200 x 1.200 x 200 mm³ 
Patterning speedup to 20.000 mm/s 
Position Accuracy relative to fiducials+/- 500 µm 
Particle extraction film side
MES interfaceoptional
Footprint 6.500 x 7.500 mm²
Weightapprox. 14,6 t 
Loading and unloadingautomatic


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