High-speed laser edge deletion LED for CdTe thin-film solar module production

The EDS-HP from 4JET has been developed as a 24/7 inline production tool especially for the mass production of CdTe thin-film solar modules. It combines high accuracy with flexibility to realize any edge deletion layout. The EDS-HP requires a minimum of maintenance, is characterized by a robust and reliable granite-based system design and ensures a high uptime. In terms of throughput and availability, it achieves the highest performance in its class.

Granite for long-term Stability and Accuracy

The EDS-HP system is based on a granite portal with linear axes. The substrate is gripped on one or both sides and moved back and forth in the system at high speed. A stationary granite bridge carries the axis of the structuring head and is mounted underneath the substrate, enabling high throughput glass side structuring (GS). To achieve laser edge deletion along all glass edges, the glass is moved while the laser edge deletion head is at rest and vice versa. Even the removal of stripes in the middle of the glass is possible.  The glass substrate is supported against bending during its movement to ensure stability and especially a stable focal plane for the laser. Accuracy, robustness and process stability are achieved by the granite base and its excellent vibration damping and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). This guarantees a sustainable production of high-precision and high-quality CdTe thin-film solar modules.


Thin-filmslayer stack for CdTe and CIGS type of thin film solar modules
Laser powerdepending on the required cycle time and under consideration of economic aspects
Patterning resolutionstandard 950 µm, others upon request
Processingablative layer removal from the glass side
Working area (x, y)up to 1200mm x 1600mm; other upon request
Substrate dimensionscustomer specific within machine working area specification
glass thickness1.8 mm up to 6 mm

Position Accuracy
in temperature range 22 ± 2C°

+/- 150µm relative to the glass edge
Particle extraction high volume flow, high pressure with two filter stages
MES interfaceoptional
Footprint depending on working area
Weightdepending on machine size
Loading and unloadingdesigned for a fully automated in-line production


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