SCANYWHERE – Robot-based Laser System for Cleaning, Surface Preparation & Paint Stripping

Laser cleaning, paint removal, surface preparation or other large area laser processing of surfaces offers numerous advantages: Lasers work dry, touchless, precise and deliver consistent results.

For processing complex 3D shaped surfaces it makes perfect sense to combine laser technology and the flexibility and repeatability of industrial robots. The robot allows to move the laser head over the surface to be processed following a pre-programmed motion path.

In order to make design and programming of robotic laser cleaning systems easier – and to offer economic solutions based on scale - we have developed the SCANYWHERE lineup. 

Modularity for Better Economics and Yield

Instead of customizing equipment around each and every new cleaning task, we have defined smart modules that allow us to create a tailored laser process solution without significant engineering cost: Modularity means less technical risk, shorter delivery times and better economics. 

Initially designed to power our turnkey products, the individual modules are now also available to line integrators and OEM customers that want to design their own laser surface processing system but want to benefit from our two decades of experience in building industrial laser machines

3-in-1 Software

Core of any SCANYWHERE solution is a powerful software engine that enables to quickly create an integrated processing recipe for robot motion, laser scan head operation and laser source controls with only a few mouseclicks. 

Programming is performed by simply selecting the desired target areas in the CAD model of the part. The SCANYWHERE software then automatically assures the proper standoff-distance to maintain the right laser focus and assures that the chosen pulse overlap and other laser settings are kept. 

Key benefits for users of the SCANYWHERE software

  • SCANYWHERE creates a recipe for 3 key components at the same time: laser, scanner and robot
  • Intuitive recipe generation in the CAD model of each part 
  • Choice between on-the-fly and stitching of scanfields
  • Open platform to facilitate most brandname lasers and robots



4JET does not stop at providing the brains but also delivers hardware packages – ranging from the core of a laser processing system all the way to fully automated turnkey laser surface processing cells.

Which hardware package do you need?


  • The full solution
  • Robot, laser source and optics
  • Software and PC controller


”the full solution“ – a fully automated, ready-to-go class 1 laser system – including material handling and turnkey installation.

  • For OEM customers that want to get the job done: Hands-off, in budget, on schedule.
  • The workpiece shape, accessibility to the cleaning surface and cycle time requirements give us the basis to choose the right automation solution. You can opt for a belt feed-through, a turntable or a roller shutter.

SCANYWHERE Integration

”brain and hands“ – besides the controls, we supply robot, laser source and optics including tailored laser settings for your application – tried and tested in our laboratory. 

  • For automation savvy integrators that need to integrate a laser solution but do not have laser specific experience.
  • There are several laser sources and robot types to choose from. Together with you, we configure the optimal setup for your application so that you can integrate the workpieces into your environment as easily as possible.


”only the brain“: Software and our PC controller 

  • For line integrators that design multi-process manufacturing solution, have laser know-how and want to automate the laser surface process by themselves.
  • You can integrate the optical module into your robot and laser source. Together with you, we configure the optimal setup for your application so that you can integrate the workpieces into your environment as easily as possible.


SCANYWHERE is available for trials.

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4JET SCANYWHERE Technology International Property Right

As the market leader for laser-based machine tools, we regularly spend a double-digit percentage of our turnover on further development. To protect these investments, we maintain a portfolio of international industrial property rights for our systems, processes used and/or products manufactured with our processes.

The most important of these intellectual property rights is the following:



1   property right pending (status May 2020)

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