TIS – Tire Inspection Product Line

Total control in tire/wheel assembly

4JET supplies a variety of systems for the detection of different features on tires & wheels by fully automated 2D and 3D inspections. The range of application of such systems with corresponding software is not limited to tire and rim manufacturers, it is mainly used in fully automated assembly lines at service providers for the automotive industry as well. Especially here a reliable detection of several different features is necessary and the key for a reliable tire/ wheel assembly in real time. With the various TIS systems, 4JET sets a standard with detection rates of at least over 99% and full traceability with entire results of all inspection data. 

TIS offers a variety of Inspections

Tailor-made solutions can be implemented for every application. A sidewall with DOT recognition and OCR analyses is also possible and is realized via 3D inspection system, as well as the recognition of tire profiles, wheel designs, match points, symbols or positions of valves, for which 2D systems are then used. A combination of the individual features is also possible due to the modular design of TIS. Furthermore, a quality check of QR-Codes on a sidewall of a tire can be carried out by an offline grading system. 

Process Safety & Easy to operate

TIS usually replaces a manual final inspection and eliminates errors that can only be detected by an automated solution and which cannot be guaranteed during a final inspection by a person. Errors or faulty parts can be detected early on, reducing costs. 

After installation of the system, high quality inspections can be carried out after a short time due to existing experiences in image processing and a wide data base with libraries. Especially for DOT recognition, character libraries from various manufacturers are available. The software displays all data, results and recorded images on the result overview. This allows a comfortable insight into the production itself and provides an opportunity to identify faulty parts out of the production chain or produced from an upstream supplier.

Fully automated for 24/7 operation

The TIS from 4JET offers a perfect and fully automated solution for tire/ wheel inspection with a high flexibility for all sizes of PCR tires and rims. Many systems are continuously running in 24/7 operation in facilities of service provides for tire/wheel assembly (or tire manufacturer) worldwide. A high technical availability of TIS systems and a worldwide service network ensures a high productivity of our customers. A robust, German machine design according to ISO 9001 is standard for the production at 4JET and is delivered CE conform and according to UL. 

Systems of the TIS Productline

WEOL – Wheel End of Line-2D & 3D inspection

The WEOL is suited for Tire Wheel Assembly and combines the features of 2D & 3D inspection systems. With this system all relevant characteristics can be checked at the end of an assembly line. Furthermore, the perfect fit of the tire on the wheel can be displayed as a final result. With the WEOL all the measurements will be carried out in a cycle time of only 7s.

TW3D – Tire/Wheel-3D Inspection

The TW3D system is primarily intended to inspect tires for a recognition of DOT code, which is composed of the Tire Identification Number (TIN) and the Date of Manufacturing (DOM). With a cycle time of only 9,5s either a complete wheel or a loose tire can be inspected from the upper side, the according results will be transferred to customer’s system. In case the DOT information cannot be found and is only available on the opposite sidewall, the tire can be turned with an integrated flipper, read out again and made available for the target position for a tire wheel assembly in only 12s.

W3D – Wheel-3D Inspection

The W3D system is also primarily designed for the recognition of DOT information. A complete assembled wheel can be scanned on both sides simultaneously. In addition, a 3D valve inspection as well as a 2D profile inspection can be performed. The tact time for a simultaneous scan is less than 12s.

TRW2D – Tire, Rim & Wheel-2D Inspection

The TRW2D system inspects the tire tread and color stripes of a tire. It also examines the design, color and dimensions of a mounted wheel. In addition, valve positions, match points, labels, OEM brandings and much more can be identified and documented.


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