The 4JET laser cleaning solution

SCANYWHERETM enables simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly laser cleaning for everyone.

SCANYWHERETM for processing on complex 3D workpieces

How does it work?

SCANYWHERETM innovatively combines the flexibility of the robot with the speed of the laser scanner to create a highly efficient system that can handle any laser cleaning task and is easy to operate.

What can you expect from SCANYWHERETM?

  • Flexible laser cleaning on simple to complex shaped workpieces. Complexity is no longer an obstacle.
  • A perfect cleaning, no damage to the base material and absolutely constant results.
  • Simplified and significantly shorter start-up times than with all comparable systems. Workpiece or surface changes can be implemented quickly and easily, saving you time and money.
  • Shortest possible process times – SCANYWHERETM finds the shortest scanning strategy for you.

What do you need?

A turnkey solution that fully automatically processes your workpiece with the laser?

An integration solution with a fully developed laser process made by 4JET?

An integration solution for your laser and your robot?

The SCANYWHERETM Software generates the path planning of the robot.