Total solution for mission critical production

We customize our proven process and automation modules to an integrated total solution for mission critical production.

  • Customized systems

    We develop standardized serial systems for the tire and automotive industry as well as customized laser machinery. Whenever existing solutions from our serial standards can not be used as a basis, machines need to be developed from “scratch” rather than off-the-shelf.

  • Customer specific solutions

    As a leading system integrator we develop turnkey, built-to-spec equipment for laser cleaning, laser coating removal, laser paint stripping, laser marking, laser etching and laser stripping.

  • Feasibility check

    We start with a feasibility study based on sample parts. In our well-equipped laboratory, we analyze the process and determine the optimal parameters, such as wavelength, pulse duration, repetition rate, etc. For this purpose we utilize a wide range of different laser sources. Based on the results and the customer requirements in terms of processing time and throughput, we select the ideal laser source.

  • Handling and beam guidance

    The next step is defining work piece handling and beam guidance. Usually a stationary work piece (e.g. a tire mold or a coated surface) is scanned by the laser beam. For some applications moving the workpiece past the laser source is easier (e.g. continous processing of profile rails for bonding preparation)

  • Feasibility

    One rule applies to all applications:  If the light does not directly reach the work piece surface, the application is hardly feasible. Thus, cleaning of particularly complex parts with many undercuts is just as impossible as internal cleaning of long pipes or very inhomogeneous surface structures.

  • Careful work peace handling

    For careful work piece handling with the lowest possible non-productive times, we make use of our modular system with numerous proven solutions. Highest safety and serviceability find consideration alongside good operability.

  • Conception and costs

    Depending on these design requirements we can establish a cost estimation to allow a reasonable evaluation of the economics.

Customized system
24/7 machining with 4JET