Mobile Station to evalute the legibility of QR Codes

The DGS allows an assessment of the legibility of laser engraved QR-Codes on tires. While the Grading in our T-MARK laser engravers judges the geometrical correctness of the code within the available cycle times, the so-called “Legibility-Grading” of the DGS evaluates the overall legibility of said code. To achieve this, many different lighting conditions are simulated. By analyzing the code quality of those results, a value for the legibility of the code is calculated.

After the operator has loaded the tire and positioned the camera over the code using the flexible balancer arm, the semi-automatic grading process is started. After image acquisition and grading are finished, the results are shown immediately on the user interface.

Positioning of the camera using a flexible balancer arm
Image acquisition and grading
DGS Main View
The grading result is displayed

For statistical analysis, the acquired images and result data is saved, either to the local hard drive or a network storage.