Offline laser mold cleaning in a 100% automated process

4JET‘s STMCS is a worldwide proven standard for offline laser cleaning of tire molds. The system cleans molds in a fully automated process. Cleaning is carried out inside the container, so dismantling of the mold is not needed. The cleaning can be done at any temperature. Mold reheating is not required prior to starting the cleaning process.

Stationary Tire Mold Cleaning System
Laser cleaning process

The 4JET systems including their laser sources only require little maintenance and low operating costs.

The unique beam delivery system of the 6-axis process head allows to clean even unusually complex tread patterns – in particular designed for winter tires – with perfect results.

The stationary system can be used for PCR as well as for TBR and other large diameter tires. For a summer tire PCR mold cleaning takes 30 minutes. The exact processing time is dependent on the mold geometry, the degree of contamination, the quantity of curing cycles as well as on the mixtures and release agents that are used.

The machine is a Laser System Class 1