Fully automatic tire marking

Our fully automated T-Mark systems for laser tire marking are well established at many tire manufacturers round the world.

T-Mark system for laser tire marking

The T-Mark system can be used for laser marking PCR and TBR tires. It permits automatic positioning, position detection and marking of tire sidewalls from batch size one. Tires are centered, optically measured, and the marking is effected with maximum precision at the target position.

Tire centering
After the tire is centered and optically measured the markings are engraved exactly on the specified target area.

Using a T-Mark system for individualization of tires replaces production of millions of aluminum plates as well as their manual and error-prone exchange. Today laser marking applications are:

  • QR-Codes
  • DOT-week codes
  • Serialnumbers
  • Logos

Marking lasers are maintenance free and they are characterised by low operating costs.

The compact all-in-one design requires only little floorspace and can be easily integrated in existing conveyor systems. Tires may access the machine randomly with the marking side facing upwards.

The quality of the marking is checked by a validation tool.

4JET provides modular solutions of conveying technology, tire flippers as well as reading systems.