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4JET develops innovative laser systems for cleaning, patterning, marking, cutting and modifying materials to achieve high-quality component surfaces.

We create highly capable integrated machine solutions for the industrial production by combining laser process technology, optics, machine vision, automation and software. Our strong interdisciplinary R&D drives forward our mission:

To create perfect surfaces in industrial manufacturing.

4JET solutions are used in demanding industries worldwide, including tire- and automotive-, glass- and photovoltaics manufacturing. 

June 28, 2024

Experience the JETLASER live in action – at various locations all over the world

Mold cleaning – Rust removal – Paint removal – Pre weld and post-weld seam cleaning – Removal of oil and grease

We offer you the opportunity to try the JETLASER out yourself and you are invited to bring and clean your own sample.

More information about this event

Registration for the upcoming JETLASER Friday (June 28, June 26 in Atlanta, USA)

JETLASER Day takes place from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

You don't have time on June 28, but are totally interested in this possibility, then note the next date for this event:

November 8, 2024 (November 6 in Atlanta)

See you soon!

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