TOPAZ – System for Laser Structuring of Glass

Whether in automotive glass, photovoltaics, architectural glass, or consumer electronics - high-quality coatings on glass are enabling ever better displays, smart windows, efficient solar cells, as well as light and heat management in vehicles.

Laser structuring in an OLED display Laser structuring in an OLED display
Laser structuring of functional coatings on a windshields Laser structuring of functional coatings on a windshields
Laser edge deletion Laser edge deletion
Laser structuring enables smart windows Laser structuring enables smart windows

In the post processing of glass substrates a key task is partially ablating the functional layers without affecting the neighboring film or the substrate glass.

Typical applications include, for example, the structuring of thin conductive layers, or the removal of surface areas during edge deletion.

Depending on the task, fine features must be ablated with the highest precision from the glass- or the layer side. Different coating systems require adapted process parameters and the selection of suitable wavelengths and pulse regimes. Short cycle times, residue-free processing and fully digital production without tool change are additional requirements.


Our TOPAZ series includes the most powerful portfolio of high-precision laser systems for ablation of thin films. Depending on the task, the systems can be flexibly configured: for different formats, the use of one, two or five scan heads, process control from the layer side or in transmission and more.

4JET’s solutions for the perfect function on glass

Meet our TOPAZ line – designed for flexible, high-precision and cost-effective laser structuring on glass, enabling perfect performance in architectural glass, automotive glass and technical glass applications.


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