SCANNECT – 2D Code Reading Bridge

Automated 2D Code Reading on Tires

The SCANNECT 2D Code Reading Bridge is a system for automated reading of 2D codes on tires which are being moved by a conveyor system. With an optimized camera and lighting setup and intelligent software, the reading bridge can reliably read black codes on black surfaces. This makes it the ideal choice for reading SCANNECT codes on tires, for example in automated wheel assembly lines or tire manufacturing.

Fast, Reliable, High Read Rates

While standard 2D code scanners are well suited to read SCANNECT codes, they are typically not able to cope with the high requirements of automated reading tasks. High conveying speeds, a broad range of tire geometries, the special black-on-black codes and expected read rates of well above 99% represent a challenge that is not mastered by off-the-shelf systems. 

The SCANNECT reading bridge simultaneously operates several high performance cameras with ultrafast focus adaption which allows to cover a wide range of tire widths. The extra bright lighting enables ultra-short shutter speeds and high depth of field at the same time. Therefore, the system can deal with conveyor speeds up to 700 mm/s.

The advanced image processing algorithms are tailor-made for the special black-on-black SCANNECT codes as well as the curvature and angle of a tire sidewall. 
With these features, reading rates of well above 99.8% for 4JET SCANNECT codes on sidewalls with angles of up to 30° are achieved.

The system can be remotely accessed and software settings can be adopted to new or advanced requirements. Pictures are being stored by the system for several weeks in order to easily analyse system performance.

4JET SCANNECT Technology International Property Rights

As the market leader for laser-based machine tools, we regularly spend a double-digit percentage of our turnover on further development. To protect these investments, we maintain a portfolio of international industrial property rights for our systems, processes used and/or products manufactured with our processes. The most important of these intellectual property rights are listed below:

EP2905125, DE202014010855, DE202014011007, EP3284586, DE2905125, FR2905125, GB2905125


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