SCANNECT App – Smartphone Access to Tire 2D Matrix Codes

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The advanced reading algorithm of SCANNECT App is tailor-made for the special situation of black on black 2D codes on tires. Unlike standard QR Code reading apps, it is able to decode SCANNECT Codes even under difficult lighting conditions or on tires with high mileage. Incorporation of SCANNECT App into existing smartphone application or processes is simple and using the special App-to-App interface can be realized in a seamless fashion.

Deep Learning Technology

Comprehensive field tests proof very high reading rates with SCANNECT App over the entire tire lifetime and in challenging environments. Its ability to cope with difficult lighting conditions (twilight, artificial lighting, partial shadowing, smartphone light in darkness), high degree of contamination as well as partial damage of the codes makes it the perfect tool for tire management applications.

The advanced algorithm is based on deep learning technology and will optimize itself to type of code (QR or DMC), size and type of 2D marking, typical light conditions, capability of the device with ever shorter de-coding times.

Versatile Interfaces and Data Interpretation

For encoding standards known to the system SCANNECT App provides the interpretation of the 2D code content. For instance, in the case of the German automotive QR code standard, the App will provide information like DOT code, tire dimension, speed index or the like in plain text.

Code content can be transferred to other systems using the device clipboard or advanced Inter-App Communication. In the latter case code content as well as interpreted information in plain text are transferred via a simple protocol to any pre-installed smartphone applications that requires the data.

App-to-App communication

For a smooth interaction SCANNECT can be started from a different App on the same device using Inter-App Communication and will deliver the de-coding result back into the starting App. The simple xml interface can be incorporated into an existing app in a matter of hours. Furthermore, this existing app is able to define the color schemes of SCANNECT App in a way that guarantees a seamless user experience. 

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