Mission & Values

Since 2006 the 4JET Group is pursueing its mission to create photonic solutions that replace existing or enable new processes and products by providing perfect surfaces in industrial manufacturing. As a globally active enterprise we have defined core values and a code of conduct that serves as the basis for the way we do business

Our laser process solutions provide quality surfaces by reliable adhesion-, flow-, molding- or electrical properties, as well as high contrast markings or precise and crack-free separation edges in glass.  

We enable sustainable, environmentally friendly production by dry, chemical-free laser processing with virtually no residual materials, and low resource consumption and large greenhouse gas savings compared to conventional processes.

We help customers to be economically successful by offering photonic tools with high repeatability and flexibility, low running cost and a high degree of automation and productivity. 

We want to be fair and reliable business partners and a good employer and corporate citizen that takes responsibility by living up to our commitments, educating the young, prioritizing people’s health over profits and strictly assuring safe and sound business operations. If you want to help us to identify and fix wrong behavior please contact us: Whistleblowing@4jet.de

Code of Conduct (PDF)