What we do

4JET develops innovative laser systems for cleaning, patterning, marking, cutting and modifying materials to achieve high-quality component surfaces resulting in best product quality.

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We create highly capable integrated machine solutions for the industrial production by combining laser process technology, optics, machine vision, automation and software. Our strong interdisciplinary R&D drives forward our mission: To create perfect surfaces in industrial manufacturing.

4JET solutions are used in demanding industries worldwide, including tire- and automotive-, glass- and photovoltaics manufacturing. 

We serve our customers to improve their competitiveness by enhancing their technology and saving costs. Our customers benefit from our support throughout each stage of a project:

Starting with feasibility testing in our worldclass high-end application and metrology lab

If necessary accompanied by pre-production or small to medium production runs in the 4JET MicroFab – our „laser-as-a-service“ jobshop.

Secured by professional project management during the machine realization phase and on-site commissioning.

Supported around the clock by regional support for maintenance, repair and upgrade throughout the service life of your equipment.