LUC – System for Laser Tire Uniformity Correction

Our LUC systems enable digital, precise and non-contact reworking of tire beads to improve uniformity. In the process, material is removed from the rim seat by precise laser machining. The new process optimizes tire performance and replaces mechanical reworking with grinding processes. Cycle times depend on tire dimensions and the volume to be removed from the bead. The machines operate fully automatically and, thanks to their compact design, can be integrated into the conveyor system in the final finish of a tire plant.

Your advantages at a glance

Digital correction

LUC systems typically remove material relative to the high point of the first harmonic radial force variation. The systems can process different tire dimensions in the passenger car segment without retooling in batch size 1.

Precise and contactless

Laser processing of the clamped tires is performed on one or both bead areas. The removed material is extracted locally. The process works without mechanical tools such as grinding stones and is dry and dust-free.


The processed areas are unchanged in appearance from the surrounding areas. There is no need to apply paint to hide sanding marks or to restore color coding on the tread.


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