Integrated High-Speed Production Tool for CIGS Module Production

4JET’s MPCT has been specially designed for high speed CIGS solar thin-film module production. The tool combines 3 processes within one system providing highest throughput and reliability with a minimum footprint. The combination of laser edge deletion (LED), molybdenum exposure (MEX) and glass drilling (GDS) in one system reduces the requirements for glass transporting and alignment of the thin-film modules and thus provides the best combination of robustness and throughput minimizing capital investment and operation costs.

Our MPCT is designed for 24/7 inline production of CIGS-based thin-film solar modules with a minimum of maintenance requirements.  It achieves the highest throughput in its class.

Highest productivity on a small footprint

The development of the MPCT system is based on 4JET's many years of experience in the construction of individual machines using the processes of laser edge deletion (LED), molybdenum exposure and laser glass drilling. Within the MPCT, an optimized process sequence consisting of combined processing for laser edge deletion and molybdenum exposure guarantees high-quality solar modules at lowest cycle times. The substrate is processed within three internal stations. Parallel transport from one station to the next ensures a minimum of non-productive time and laser idle time, which is essential for highest throughput.

Establishing the junction box connection

Laser glass drilling of two through-holes for the junction box connection is carried out in parallel to the other processes. The substrates are fixed on vacuum bars during processing to compensate for any warpage of the modules, again providing highest quality with a robust design and a large process window for best product quality. The system’s robustness, vibration dampening capability and stability, especially in terms of long-term accuracy is achieved by the optimized design. This enables and guarantees a sustainable production of long-life-time CIGS thin-film solar modules.


Thin-filmsLayer stack of a CIGS module consisting of a Mo back electrode, the CIGS absorber and a TCO front electrode  
Laser wavelengthslaser edge deletion (LED): NIR
laser glass drilling (GDS): VIS
Laser pulse lengthsNanoseconds
Patterning resolutionLED: Usually 950µm, other on request
Processingablative layer removal from the glass side
Working area (x, y)up to 650 x 1600mm, other on request
Substrate dimensionscustomer specific within machine working area specification
glass thickness1.8 mm up to 6 mm
Position Accuracy 
@temperature range 22 ± 2C°
+/- 300µm relative to glass edge
Particle extraction exhaust air system with high volume extraction at medium negative pressure
Molybdenum exposuremechanical
MES interfaceoptional
Footprint depending on working area
Weightdepending on machine size
Loading and unloadingdesigned for automated in-line production


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