The global commercial aviation industry is responsible for over 2% of man-made CO2 emissions and the industry is under pressure to optimize its environmental footprint.

Alternative propulsion technologies such as hydrogen and biofuels are foreseeably decades away from development and offer no alternative for over 30,000 aircraft in service today. Accordingly, incremental optimizations such as lightweight construction, low-emission production processes or the optimization of flow characteristics are indispensable building blocks on the road to green aviation.

Laser technology from 4JET helps in these endeavors: Sharkskins produced with our LALIP technology can reduce the kerosene consumption of a medium-haul aircraft by about 1%. Our laser pretreatment solutions for composites enable process-safe bonding or coating. And our hand-held JETLASER systems are flexible tools for gentle component cleaning in maintenance operations.

Surface Functionalization with Laser

Our LEAF process can be used to create so-called "riblets" in the painting of aircraft, which reduce air resistance by up to 5% and enable corresponding savings in kerosene consumption.

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Laser Paint Stripping & Laser Coating Removal

Our solutions for laser-based cleaning and paint stripping enable the preparation of coatings and painting processes as well as the gentle laser ablation of coating systems on sensitive surfaces made of metal or composites.

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Laser Cleaning & Laser Surface Preparation

New mixed material bonds require perfect surfaces before glueing or welding. See how lasers can clean, activate or structure surfaces to create the perfect match by removing paint, coatings or lubricants and by controlled surface roughening.

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