| Laser Tire Marking, 4JET Technologies How to ID your Tires with a Smartphone

Laser engraved QR Codes enable to uniquely identify tires over their service life. Large automotive companies, tire manufacturers and retreading operations are implementing new business processes and services based on our SCANNECT QR Code technology.

By marking tires with a permanent SCANNECT QR Code that directly link to a web based CRM database, they can get to know their end customers and address them with specific marketing campaigns, such as warranty extensions, winter tire promotions and social media campaigns.

Furthermore OE car tire manufacturers can employ QR Codes as a means of assuring traceability and reducing the impact of product recalls.

With our SCANNECT App solution for mobile devices it is possible to reliably identify 2D codes on tires even with low contrast, surface defects or under bad lighting conditions. See our recent technical paper for details.