| 4JET Technologies Innovative Foam Technology for Acoustic Foams: 4JET Introduces Game-changing Laser-FIT Process

The 4JET Group from Alsdorf unveils another innovation in laser-based tire processing at the Tire Technology Expo 2024: Liquid Noise-Canceling Foam – without adhesives, without the use of pre-fabricated foam!

The production of integrated foam components directly on the workpiece is already state of the art in numerous serial products. A prominent example is the FIPFG process, in which foam gaskets are produced directly in the sealing groove using a two-component PU system. This method offers significant cost advantages through easier integration, reduced logistical efforts, and the elimination of pre-fabrication. However, these benefits were inaccessible for acoustic foams as the skin formed during foaming hindered effective sound insulation – until now!
4JET now presents the concept of the innovative Laser Foam in Tire, or the Laser-FIT process, making it possible to produce acoustic foams with the mentioned advantages. This method opens up new possibilities for tires with Noise-Canceling Technology, providing substantial cost savings and increased flexibility in the design of foam components.

Process Details and Benefits of the Laser-FIT Process
In the Laser-FIT process, the Innerliner is cleaned, similar to the conventional process, preferably via laser cleaning. Subsequently, without the use of a specific primer, a liquid foam precursor is applied directly to the tire's Innerliner, where the liquid precursor transforms into the desired foam in a short time. In a final step, a fast laser process removes the skin formed on the foam.
Significant cost savings in materials and logistical costs in the tire factory result from the approximately 30 times lower transport volume of the foam, the elimination of adhesive, and the abandonment of the elaborate pre-fabrication of the foam.
Simultaneously, introducing a liquid can be much more easily automated than introducing a pre-fabricated foam component. As a consequence, 4JET expects reduced maintenance intervals and improved cycle times compared to the previous introduction technology.

Quantity, color, and shape of the foam can be easily changed at any time and per tire type without the need for complex variations in the precursor, and the laser-processed foam surface can be customized to the tire by, for example, adding logos or product names.
Especially for Brownfield factories, the significant space savings resulting from reduced cycle time and the elimination of logistics areas compared to the previous process are another major advantage.

With the strong growth of electromobility, the anticipated increased demand for tires with acoustic foam poses a significant challenge to production technology in tire factories. 4JET, as a global innovation leader in laser processing systems in this industry, sets new standards with the Laser-FIT concept.