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The 4JET JobShop

Laser-as-a-Service –
Using the latest technology without investment costs

Whether in glass processing, surface cleaning or micro-structuring: For many applications, lasers deliver the best product quality, highest yield, lowest process costs and by far the best environmental balance. We now also clear up the only "but": We bear the initial investment costs!

We have invested significantly in our contract processing capabilities in recent years and today we offer a wide variety of "laser-as-a-service" models for our customers in the glass, tire, automotive and other industries.

Your advantages:

  • Benefit from the latest laser technology – without investment costs
  • Full cost control – you only pay for processed parts
  • Flexibility in case of fluctuating workload
  • Bridging and risk minimization of your own investment projects in laser technology

Learn more about our broad portfolio of solutions:

JobShop for Glass Processors

  • Free-form cutting with PearlCut
  • Laser Drilling
  • Thin-film structuring


JobShop Laser Cleaning for Automotive and General Industry

  • Decoating, pretreatment and structuring of medium and high volumes
  • Processing of prototypes and pre-series
  • On-site cleaning with handheld JETLASER systems (by service partners)



JobShop for Tire Manufacturers

  • Cleaning of vulcanizing molds
  • Cleaning of tire innerliners for glue preparation
  • Rental of hand-guided laser cleaning systems (for use in your plant)


We supply complete solutions from one source

We take care of all production steps for you, from initial sampling to 100% quality control of the final products. In our analysis laboratory we have light microscopes, measuring equipment as well as surface analysis equipment.

We offer subcontracted processing with state-of-the-art laser equipment. The range of our laser sources includes wavelengths from 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm up to 10.6 µm with pulse durations from fs, ps, ns up to cw.

Do you need the complete package? If you wish, we can also take care of procuring materials, cleaning and packaging, and door-to-door logistics.

Interested? Then contact us via email or use the inquiry form and discuss your application with us!