Flexible laser tire marking

The T-Mark Compact handheld laser marking system allows laser engraving of tire sidewalls with serial numbers, product specifications or logos. Furthermore, in the latest version the SCANNECTTM process is available. The system is flexible and cost efficient and therefore suitable for engraving small to medium volumes. It is designed to manually mark tires in any size – PCR, TBR and other large diameter tires – even in a vertical as well as horizontal orientation.

The basic unit contains 4JET visualization software as well as a local exhaustion system. The handheld system is positioned powerless by using a balancer and the entered data is engraved at the push of a button.

Possible applications for the T-Mark Compact include permanent laser marking of test tires in tire factories or warehouses, as well as engraving customer- or country specific codes or logos after production. Another area of use is engraving of mandatory information on retreaded tires following ECE 109.

The handheld laser system can be combined with a balancer powerless position.
Use in tire storage
Engraving process
T-Mark Compact
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