Perfect inner liner cleaning

The Tire Cleaning System (TCS) enables the fully automatic, dry, and touchless cleaning of the inner liner. The variable angle of the processing head ensures consistent processing.

Tire Cleaning System

Compared to traditional wet chemical cleaning, significant savings can be gained:

  • Reliable and spotless cleaning
  • Dry process – no consumable and recycling costs for cleaning agents
  • Automated and flexible cleaning of tires from batch size one
  • Compact footprint

Besides the usual benefits of laser systems, such as high process stability and low operating costs, the control of the 4JET system is based on a patent-pending intelligent recipe editor. Only the rim diameter and the tire width must be entered. All further dimensions relevant for processing are automatically detected by the system which then generates a fitting recipe. This innovation dramatically reduces the ramp-up phase in the factory and thereby shortens the return on investment period.

The system concept enables simultaneous loading and processing, providing for a particularly high utilization of the laser source.