19. October 2018 | Automotive Parts Laser Cleaning, Laser Mold Cleaning, Trade Shows

Laser system specialist 4JET Technologies GmbH debuts a range of new laser cleaning systems at parts2clean.

The company will introduce its latest generation of JETLASER systems. The flexible laser system is available in two power levels of 200 W and 500 W and is optimized for manual use or integration with a robot.

Robot interface for automated processing

Powered by fibre-coupled, maintenance free solid-state lasers and integrated into a rugged mobile cabinet the system addresses a vast range of industrial cleaning operations. Potential applications include cleaning of molds, tools and fixtures, paint and coating removal operations and pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding, glueing or coating applications.

Paint removal:
5-7 cm²/sec using 200 W system
Mold cleaning:
4-5 cm²/sec using 200 W system
Rust removal:
8-10 cm²/sec using 200 W system

4JET will also provide a preview of its new line of highly modular robotic cleaning cells, that are designed for high-volume production operations. The work cells feature a range of commercial robots that can be integrated with pulsed laser sources of up to 2kW average power.

For further information about JETLASER please download our productsheet.

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