| Around 4JET, Laser Mold Cleaning, Trade Shows, 4JET Technologies 4JET and LY-Holding GmbH announce cooperation – Laser Tire Mold Cleaning as a Service

4JET Technologies GmbH (Alsdorf, Germany) and LY-Holding GmbH (Michelstadt, Germany) have announced a strategic cooperation during this year´s Tire Technology Expo.

Under the agreement, LY will offer tire factories and on-site cleaning services for tire molds utilizing 4JET laser systems.

The service allows tire plants to utilize cutting edge laser technology without making an initial investment. LY will install a 4JET laser system in an European tire plant within the first half of 2018. The companies expect to significantly expand their cooperation, leveraging LY´s growing global presence in over 40 tire manufacturing facilities.

The 4JET STMCS laser systems enable touchless precision cleaning of the most intricate mold patterns utilizing a sophisticated 6-axis cleaning head. The low maintenance solid state lasers work at minimum operation costs and provide a perfectly clean mold surface.

LY Holding´s CEO/Managing Director Aziz Yüzer comments: “Adding the latest laser technology to our portfolio, addresses our customer´s need for fast and damage free/soft cleaning of increasingly sophisticated mold patterns.”

Jörg Jetter, CEO of 4JET points out: “LY is the internationally leading supplier of tire mold management services. This cooperation further increases our reach to those customers that prefer to outsource mold cleaning instead of operating their own equipment.”