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| 4JET Technologies, Automotive Parts Laser Cleaning, Laser Mold Cleaning JETLASER – The Flexible Laser Cleaning System by 4JET

4JET has extended its product offering for laser surface processing systems by a new range of flexible laser cleaning systems.

The new JETLASER system is available in power levels ranging from 100 W to 2 kW average laser power and is optimized for manual use or integration with a robot or cobot.

Benefit from the advantages of touchless, dry and non-abrasive laser cleaning in applications including:

  • Rubber, plastics, food and composite mold cleaning
  • Rust / oxide removal of metals before or after welding
  • KTL paint removal to eliminate masking processes
  • Devarnishing
  • Surface Preparation before coating or bonding operations

Powered by fibre-coupled, maintenance free solid state lasers and integrated into a rugged mobile cabinet. The symmetrical design of the end effector provides for an ergonomic two-hand operation.

Scalable laser power allows to individually balance surface removal rates and investment cost:

Low powered systems for limited area processing are now available for price levels similar to mechanical blasting or dry-ice cleaning systems and open up a vast range of low-volume applications that were considered too price sensitive for laser cleaning only few years ago.

In combination with robot integration and the world´s highest power cleaning lasers, the JETLASER can also be used for high-throughput solutions that reach many square meters of cleaning capacity per hour.

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The range of possible industrial applications for the JETLASER is very wide. Check out our new video and convince yourself!