Patrick Haber (left) and Robert Hillmann (right): Contract Signing

| 4JET Technologies, Laser Ablation, Laser Patterning, Automotive Parts Laser Cleaning 4JET and Robolution cooperate

New cooperation enables customized robotic cells for surface technology with laser

The 4JET Group from Alsdorf and Robolution GmbH from Weiterstadt will in the future market joint system solutions for cleaning, decoating and pretreating technical surfaces.

Robolution will offer turnkey system solutions based on its years of expertise in building customized robotic cells, especially for Tier 1 suppliers and automotive OEMs. 4JET will develop the specific laser processes and supply integration modules consisting of laser, beam guidance, process parameters and software.

The collaboration is expected to result in "best in class" solutions in the fast growing segment of laser cleaning and surface preparation for vehicle production. These include, among others, the selective laser stripping of cathodic dip coated (CDC) components, the de-oiling of joints prior to laser welding or the cleaning and simultaneous structuring of adhesive surfaces.

Robolution Managing Director Patrick Haber comments on the cooperation: "We are pleased to be able to expand our portfolio of process technologies through this cooperation. 4JET's laser know-how in combination with our specific robot solutions deliver leading-edge technology at automotive level."

Robert Hillmann, Managing Director of 4JET Technologies GmbH and Head of the Tire / Automotive Business Unit: "We are world class in process development and deriving series products for laser cleaning. However, customized machine manufacturing in volume 1 requires other strengths, which we see excellently represented in Robolution."

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