| 4JET Technologies 4JET launches SCANYWHERE Turnkey Laser Cleaning Cells
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Lasers enable to strip coatings, clean or pattern surfaces and remove unwanted oxide layers. Thousands of laser systems worldwide help to make surface processing cleaner, faster and better and the range of applications is growing day by day.

Laser provide many advantages

  • Touchless cleaning without substrate damage
  • Precise and selective processing – exactly where you want it
  • Dry process – No blasting dust, no chemicals – just clean and green photonic processing
  • Digital retooling and parameter selection
  • Compact footprint
  • Low running cost

To drive down the investment cost in automated laser systems and futureproof your investment, 4JET has developed its line of modular SCANYWHERE laser cleaning cells.

You can choose laser power, preferred robot brand as well as cell size and loading solution to get a highly flexible laser workcell delivered – fast, safe and turnkey ready to go.

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