Jean-Marc Daillance

Jean-Marc Daillance

| 4JET Group, Around 4JET Jean-Marc Daillance joins 4JET board of directors

The 4JET Group is happy to announce that Jean-Marc Daillance, a deeply experienced executive in several complex industry fields, has joined the company as board member.

Jean-Marc Daillance’s career spans four decades of high-level positions in global companies. Relentlessly building up and transforming corporations has been his hallmark all along. As CEO of its marine segment, he was instrumental in the strategic path that led Zodiac Aerospace to solid growth through internationalization and a series of major acquisitions. He also held non-executive positions at energy storage leader Saft, including Vice-chairman of the supervisory board and chairman of the audit committee.

A graduate from École Polytechnique, Télécom ParisTech and the Harvard Business School, Mr. Daillance, who has also been an operational partner with Jolt Capital from the onset, sits on several other boards, as shareholder in various startups.

“The fact that Mr. Daillance has such high-level insights in sectors ranging from energy to transportation and mobility will bring invaluable support to 4JET. He will perfectly complement the existing portfolio of expertise we have on our board and help us unlock some of the key market challenges lying ahead” said CEO Jörg Jetter.

He will sit on the board together with 4JET founder and CEO Jörg Jetter, Antoine Trannoy of Jolt Capital, Michael Mayer of eCapital and the two independent board members appointed in March 2019, Prof. Didier Roux and Dr. Rainer Landwehr.

Jean-Marc Daillance commented that “4JET had the potential to make a significant impact in some of the major industry challenges our world is facing today” and that he “would bring to the table some extra ingredients to help 4JET reach its next growth milestones.”