| 4JET Technologies, Tire Innerliner Laser Cleaning, Automotive Parts Laser Cleaning, Laser Mold Cleaning Two New Solutions by 4JET for Laser Cleaning in Tire Manufacturing

Since many years our laser systems enable touchless cleaning of molds, innerliners or tooling in tire manufacturing.

Besides our proven range of automated tire mold cleaning (STMCS) and tire innerliner cleaning (TCS) systems, we are now offering two new solutions for tire manufacturers:

Handheld Laser Cleaning by JETLASER

Our JETLASER product line is a highly versatile tool for the gentle and fast removal of curing residue, release agents and other oily films as well as rust. Key applications in tire manufacturing include:

  • manual cleaning of molds
  • cleaning of rollers and dies in extruders and tire building machines
  • degreasing or rust removal in presses and containers

Laser cleaning with JETLASER provides tire manufacturers with unique advantages:

  • touchless and damage-free removal of surface coatings
  • dry process without messy blasting dust or hazardous chemicals
  • compact, rugged and award winning ergonomically design
  • tailored for use in harsh operating environments

Benefit from our decade long experience in bringing laser technology to tire factories around the globe.

Contact us to request more information and your on-site demo of our JETLASER system!

Laser Mold Cleaning Service in the 4JET Jobshop

We are now also offering a mold cleaning service in our Alsdorf facility. Tire makers can now have their molds laser cleaned by one of our STMCS laser systems. The benefits of this new service offering:

  • perfectly clean molds
  • no abrasion of mold surface
  • no upfront investment
  • fixed cost per mold
  • no minimum contract duration or volume

Contact us to arrange a free test using one of your molds in our service center!