| 4JET Technologies New Handheld JETLASER Cleaning System
The Swiss Knife of Laser Cleaning

The 4JET Group is making a low-cost laser cleaning solution available for industry and trade: The new JETLASER M100 is a compact hand-held laser cleaning system that combines favorable investment costs and high application versatility.

The system enables rust removal, de-greasing, pain stripping as well as cleaning of tools and molds, facades or wooden surfaces.

Possible areas of application include industrial cleaning, tool maintenance, preparation for non-destructive testing, restoration of vehicles or monuments, and the preparation and post-processing of joining processes such as welding.

Compared to classic cleaning methods such as dry-ice blasting, pickling or grinding, the process works dry, quietly, dust-free and without the use of chemicals.

The compact design and low overall weight, simple connection to 110/220V mains, intuitive operation via a touch PC and the variety of cleaning programs are ideal prerequisites for use by industrial service providers. The mobile system can be transported in a passenger car.

The laser systems are on a par with professional blasting or dry ice systems in terms of price, but are largely maintenance-free and do not require any consumables at all. Operating costs are less than €1 per hour and the monthly charge from financing or leasing is below €1,500. For the first time, the formerly "expensive" laser cleaning thus also becomes economical for smaller service providers or SMEs.

The good energy efficiency and the low CO2 footprint qualify the system for government funding projects in which energy-intensive conventional processes are replaced.

4JET also offers handheld laser systems for high speed cleaning, as well as fully automatic laser systems for stationary use.