New T-Mark Compact by 4JET

| Laser Tire Marking, 4JET Technologies New T-Mark Compact by 4JET

4JET introduces new T-Mark Compact laser marking system

Highly flexible handheld tire marking for warehouses and retreaders

The new T-Mark Compact handheld laser tire marking system allows laser engraving of tire sidewalls with serial codes, product specifications or logos. The handheld system was designed to manually mark tires in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The compact laser marking system can be mounted on existing handling systems for tire inspection or used in a stand-alone fashion. The operator may manually enter the information to be marked or retrieve the data from a barcode label.

Possible applications for the new T-Mark Compact include the permanent marking of test tires in tire factories or warehouses, as well as engraving customer- or country specific codes or logos after the production. Another area of use is the creation of mandatory information on retreaded truck tires following ECE 109. So far such information is created by taping multiple aluminium tags on the sidewall. Laser engravings have a better appearance and reduce the associated cost for tags and handling.