Laser edge deletion in CdTe module production

Laser edge deletion (LED) based on large-focus laser ablation effectively prepares CdTe thin-film modules for subsequent hermetic sealing to ensure the modules' longevity. 4JETs EDS-HP achieves high ablation rates of up to 40 cm²/s with on-the-fly scanning for highest throughput.


A clean and undamaged glass surface in the edge area of CdTe modules, produced by means of laser edge deletion (LED) from 4JET, is an essential prerequisite for durable CdTe thin-film modules. The clean glass surface at the edge of the thin-film solar module protects the active layers of the module from environmental influences, acts as a barrier against moisture and steam and thus ensures reliable modules. The contactless laser edge deletion has completely replaced the aggressive mechanical sandblasting or grinding processes.

Clean and undamaged glass surface achieved by 4JET’s laser edge deletion process (LED)

4JET’s laser edge deletion (LED) provides:

  • electrical resistance > 1 GOhm
  • deletion rate up to 40 cm²/s and higher
  • highest productivity

4JET's solution for the perfect CdTE thin-film solar module

Meet our highly-accurate EDS-HP tool – designed to produce reliable long-lifetime CdTe modules at low production costs!


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