Next gen laser scribing

Topaz px scribing systems: versatile solutions for precision machining

TOPAZ Px scribing systems are available in two different versions: one is designed for processing from below the substrate through the glass and the other is designed for processing from above directly on the coating side. In general, our TOPAZ Px systems can be equipped with a wide range of different laser sources offering a variety of laser wavelengths and pulse characteristics to achieve optimal results for your P1, P2 and P3 scribing processes. All processes can be performed either through the glass or from the film side to achieve the best possible application results.

Key advantages of TOPAZ scribing solutions

  • Higher module efficiency
  • Higher production yield
  • Higher machine uptime
  • Higher production output
  • Higher module quality
  • Lower production cost per module

Individual auto focus

TOPAZ Px Scribing Systems offer several impressive features that directly impact your success:

  • individual focus control per beam: fully compensate for substrate deformations to achieve precise results every time.
  • highest available throughput: increase production speed and thus the amount of PV modules manufactured.

Individual path tracking

  • individual path tracking: minimize the dead zone and make the best use of every square inch of substrate for energy production.
  • minimum possible downtime and maintenance: reduce downtime to an absolute minimum to keep your production running smoothly

Individual power balancing

  • individual power control per beam: achieve identical scribe lines across the entire panel for unmatched product quality.
  • shortest cycle times: Speed up the manufacturing process and increase your efficiency.
  • maximum laser utilization with minimum non-productive time: Make maximum use of lasers by reducing non-productive times to a minimum and eliminating unnecessary waiting times.


ProcessesP1, P2, P3 scribing from either substrate-side or from film-side
Thin film materialsPV layer stacks such as CdTe, Perovskite and CIGS 
Laser sourcesns, ps and fs laser in IR, Green or UV
Working area (x, y)up to 2.400 mm x 1.300 mm; others on request
Substrate dimensionsCustomer specific within machine working area specification
Glass thickness2 mm up to 4 mm, others on request
Position accuracy+/- 10 µm 
Particle extractionHigh volume flow, high pressure, high efficiency filtering


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